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About Prostoria

proStoria is a an software appliance, that is deployed in your datacenter or cloud. Either as a VMware virtual machine, or for high performance, directly on bare metal.

Unleash Agility in Devlopment Teams

Development teams depend on IT operations to deliver environments to support applica-tion projects. Lack of timely, quality environments is a leading cause for late and low quality application releases. Getting the right data into the right environment, however, requires coordinated, interrupt-driven work across DBAs, sys admins, storage admins, and backup admins.

By virtualizing and automating data delivery, proStoria provides unprecedented ease of environment setup, refresh, reset, branching, and sharing, eliminating key obstacles to achieving continuous integration and continuous delivery. Data as a Service enables Self-service access to high quality test data, along with fast data refresh, bookmarks, and rollback

Data-as-a-Service for DevOps Unleash Agility in Devlopment Teams

to the left, the legacy way of delivering data to developers In a typical siloed organisation.And to the right, the proStoria way

Exceptional ROI

Depending on the size of your development teams, the ROI for proStoria is typicallybetween 4-6 months.


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  • Agentless

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • Active Directory

  • iSCSI

  • Fiber-Channel


Data protection
  • Data Masking